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She also helps Hanna cope with the fact that Kate, her stepsister is now a student a Rosewood High. One of two older sisters of Diana, Princess of Wales. She is found by Ian, her mother, and her sister. With her fiercely competitive nature, Spencer doesn't demand anything less than perfection. As she clicks on the Radley Sanitarium webpage, Spencer picks up a notebook and starts to jot down some information.

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Toby becomes a cop, which makes his relationship with Spencer tough, since Spencer wants him to share all the information the police has, but Toby starts to prefers to keep quiet. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. She anonymously tells Ian to meet them in the woods with money as they say that they know his secret. She returns to Rosewood five years later at Alison's request, and also to depose on Charlotte's release from psychological hospital. She unlocks the door and finds it completely empty except for some chairs.

  1. Aria and Spencer agree to check out the place in Philly later this afternoon.
  2. Spencer's mother does not want to get involved at all, but out of sympathy for Melissa, Spencer suggests a funeral to give her closure from her loss.
  3. Spencer's father sees this and suspiciously takes the stick, and later burns it.
  4. Pretty Dirty Secrets Ravenswood.

Spencer says that she had to know that this couldn't have lasted. She wakes up and begins to suspect Ian of hiding a dangerous side of himself. This time, after falling to the floor, Alison gets up, giggling. Noticing the security camera, Spencer suggests that they get coffee later, but Eddie tells her he can't about Bethany, or any other patient, not to cops, or reporters, best uk or Spencer.

Each of the girls lets Detective Breyer know about the video footage of Ian with Alison but not Spencer dating him. Spencer apologises for asking Aria to go see Ezra, but Aria tells her no one else could have done it. On the stage, Spencer asks Hanna and Emily if it feels as though Alison is already shutting them out again. Spencer and Toby resume their relationship and start dating again at the end of the series. Spencer starts dating a boy named Alex who works at her country club.

Hanna then sees Mona in Wilden's car. They are going through some stuff Emily brought from Mrs. Afterwards, Wren hangs out in Spencer's room where they make out not knowing Melissa is watching them. Spencer sits with Melissa and her mom in the living room as Melissa explains that she was blackmailed into wearing to keep Jenna distracted or risk exposure of the fake baby bump.

Picking up the riding helmet, Spencer and Emily run from the stables. When Emily asks what exactly they would be looking for, dating speed Spencer mentions that they always thought that Mrs D was protecting however hit Ali out of love. Spencer sneaks into the elevator to go see Garret's mom. Spencer and Aria realize that they have been there before because they are at Noel's house. Hanna wonders why Paige is late and the girls realize something is wrong.

  • The parents send the girls to Anne Sullivan for therapy and are not to see each other for awhile.
  • She tries to convince him that she doesn't trust him and sincerely argues that when she reveals her secrets, people get hurt.
  • Hanna asks Spencer if Toby's still at the hospital, and Spencer tells her he is, he's with Jenna and her mom.
  • Meanwhile, her relationship with Toby remains untouchable.
  • Noticing the frying pan Caleb is holding, she asks if something is growing in it, and looking at the pan, Caleb mentions that Hanna tried to make nachos.

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Hanna and Aria accidentally drop the necklace in the toilet. Afterwards, Spencer moves to Georgetown in order to get involved with a future political career in Washington, D. The conductor questions that Alison was the leader of the group, and Alison tells him she unofficially was.

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Now she worries she shared too much with him. Paige also wants Spencer to leave Emily alone and their relationship. Paige tells Spencer that if she doesn't leave her alone, Spencer will end up getting hurt. Spencer and Melissa's relationship gets awkward again when Melissa lies to Spencer.

Instead of taking her pill, world of tanks Spencer puts in a bag that she was hiding under her pillow. Spencer shouts that now they have nothing. She also console a distraught Mona after her break up with Noel.

Riddlesworth Hall West Heath. Hanna tells her that she and all their friends are going to be there for her and leans in to hug her. She all but ignores Alex in order to see through with her plan to find A and Alex leaves in frustration.

Jenna sharply announces that she knows that Toby is assisting her and that he rifled through her room. Spencer is worried that the others will find out about Toby returning the lair it to A, and wants to tell them before they find out from someone else, but Toby cant face them. Grunwald in a building getting her hair done.

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Later, she steals Melissa's old A-grade paper from Russian History and makes it her own. She goes around the college asking people if they knew Alison. When Spencer and Emily look at the letter, Emily realizes that Maya wrote this the day she died. Paige confronts Spencer about why they made Emily cry this morning. Spencer finds out that Charlotte was killed in a copycat manner off a murder she wrote an essay about in college, leading her to start thinking that the police could blame her for Charlotte's death.

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Daniel maternal uncle Genevieve maternal aunt Jonathan cousin Smith cousin Penelope paternal aunt Duncan great-great-great grandfather. To their surprise, there is a page missing from the report. Dressed as nurses, Spencer and Mona walk towards the back entrance of Radley Sanitarium after Caleb has hacked into Radley security. Veronica goes on to say that leaving Peter isn't just about one lie, it's about years of them. She hears two guys come in so she hides behind some equipment as she looks through Noel's phone but doesn't find any texts from Maya.

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Spencer dating spencer's sister

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Spencer dating spencer's sister

The girls wheel their helpless friend Hanna back into her home. And, of course, we learned last season that Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis are twins, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that there's another set of twins in their family. Noticing feet move under one of the sheets draping an armchair, Spencer grabs a fire stoke and pulls the protective sheet from the armchair. Veronica explains that it was her idea they hire a detective.

Spencer dating spencer's sister
Spencer Hastings
Spencer Hastings

Spencer then asks how Melissa is doing but Melissa doesn't really say anything. Jason arranged for the girls to have some time, after his family. Finally recognising Toby, Spencer lets him again, where he tells Spencer that he got her message and then proceeds to ask what happened to her eye.

Sullivan back, reconciles with her and they kiss. So if you could just tell me anything at all. As Spencer and the girls are pretending to read magazines in the waiting room, Emily tells them she hates this, and Spencer says they should just hope it works. They give him the money, and he gives them an address.

Spencer Hastings

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