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We all make mistakes some more severe than others. Nothing has been said about him no longer being a member of Big Bang so there is no need to take him out. Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Keep your very mean thoughts to yourself because other people might get really offended. How can you be so sure that he was confirmed?

That makes me really happy. They may very well disband. Dont dare call yourself real.

He supposed to help her but he let her be. If he did those things he needs to come clean and take his punishment without lies and he should apologize. Plans for a doctoral degree have been delayed to accommodate his military enlistment.

While Shenzi is a character that was featured in the original animated film, Kamari and Azizi are the respective renames of Banzai and Ed from the original film. He literally already admitted to a majority of the shit he was accused of. Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong in Chinese. Being a broker of prostitution aka a pimp. Sweety im a working grownup, I have a job, I dont live with my parents or sponge off of them.

Netizens go crazy over the chemistry between G-Dragon and IU

Park Bom is having a comeback! Would u still be stanning him? Discography Videography Songs recorded Songs written Awards and nominations.

But it is happening, and we all have to face that eventually, and accept that he is not who we thought he was. Not everyone thinks and sees things the way you do. How can you just say that what he did was not bad enough to people to not support him anymore? Marie France Asia, women's magazine.

Since it was his first recorded offense with a minuscule amount of the drug, it resulted in an indictment and he was not charged. Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, and the lionesses fend off the hyenas while Scar, attempting to escape, is cornered by Simba at the top of Pride Rock. Why their facts are short? Connect to Spotify Dismiss.

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The Manila Publishing Corporation. Anyone defending those clowns are equally as gross as them. The Sydney Morning Herald. He was not forced to do anything bad, he did it based on his own free will.

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He was an owner in a club where women were sexually assaulted, and he did nothing to stop it. Note that prostitution is voluntary act by prostitutes meaning its not a forced relationship but you can definitely be the judge of whether this is terrible or not. Those are crimes that need to be taken seriously. Inspired by their music, dating he developed an interest in rapping and began taking classes.

The thing here is that people need to learn to put things apart. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading. Stop being delusional and understand that k-pop idols are humans too and not all of them are angels. Because they knew it was wrong and stayed away. Please try to be more understanding.

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He is very much still a member of the group. The gambling part is unconfirmed as far as I remember. And deserves all the hate. His delusional stans love him so much they might try to get themselves jailed too just so they could be with him. Daesung is my ultimate bias.

No one wants to believe that someone they looked up to and loved so much turned out to be a monster. How would he be pressured into anything? Maybe when he learns from his mistakes then people might go back to stanning him. Are you support a criminal? Second of all even those text were disgusting and equally as wrong.

Thus, he deserved the hate. Seungri is not an idol anymore. This is kind of getting annoying. You can say what you want to, Its people like you who believe you have the right to judge others that make me sick.

This is the chat were he was setting up someone with a woman. We gave you credits in the post. The Korea Times in Korean. Not giving in his phone to the police debunked due to it being a false report by the media.

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We were working on the album at the time, while I was writing the music, I kept looking at his paintings. Simple yet still managed to look very cool. The text messages were proven to be true. No one should try to defend what he has done.

People who defend Seungri are disgusting. The fruit harvested from the forest will be donated to charity events. It has been confirmed he did not take drugs nor distribute them.

Thursday May 30 2019

Wikimedia Commons has media related to G-Dragon. My bias in Big Bang is G-Dragon. After touring extensively, G-Dragon went back into the studio to record his second studio album.

  1. He then teamed up with the boutique called Alchemist to launch a six-day pop-up in Miami.
  2. The confirmed chats are completely different it was another chat in which he was setting up someone with a woman which led to the prostitution allegations.
  3. How can u support a person like this?

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He still has his whole life ahead of him, are the haters just going to keep piling hate on him for the rest of it? President of the Republic of Korea in Korean. Wow how would u like someone to call u a criminal and disgusting.

Yes what he did was horrible but I think prison might be the best. He returned to his military base a few days later. In November, talking with ComingSoon. What if the victim was your mom or sister?

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Plus Seungri is a criminal. Afterwards, Simba takes over the kingship and makes Nala his queen. You might want to look that up! Plus I wonder when the boys are done with their enlistment, dark dating sites how will they continue?

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